Home Disabled & Home on Hospice

Casmer Pharmacy is here to help disabled adults or those on home hospice in need of regular medication fulfillment. Our friendly staff members serve as a valuable resource for those in need. We communicate with caregivers and customers alike to make sure that they are getting the medication and information that they need to stay healthy. We strive to make lives easier and getting your medication a simple and painless process. Contact us today to improve your medication situation.

Assisted Living Centers, Nursing Homes, and Group Homes

We are staffed appropriately to help meet the volume required by larger assisted living facilities. We can offer assistance with pre-authorizations and make sure that the medication fulfillment process goes as smoothly as possible. We also partner with companies like McKesson and Dispill to offer technology and programs to help increase medication adherence rates to ensure that patients are sticking to the treatment plan. Contact us today to set up an effective, convenient and meaningful business relationship.

Medical Facilities & Doctor’s Offices

Casmer Pharmacy and the doctors we work with share common goals: to make the patient experience as convenient as possible and to ensure healthy outcomes. We take a full-service approach to ensure an easy process and complete satisfaction. We offer medication delivery as well as same-day medication fulfillment whenever possible. We also utilize advanced technology and programs to help increase and maintain high medication adherence rates. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.